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LNJ Garden is a company developed and created by a small family whom are very keen and have great affection for the indoor plant world. The name was a debate amongst the family but at the end we realized that each member in the family’s name begins with the Letter L, N or J hence the name. The owners of LNJ garden all come from tropical areas around the globe, with high experience and knowledge of all tropical plants and their characteristic. Liz, whose one of the masterminds behind all this is an experienced horticulturist willing to help anyone regarding their inquiries and doubts, and all members running around doing everything to satisfy our customers.

Our mission is simple

it is to sell the very best of all Indoor Plants and Pots for an affordable price to enhance your garden.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy giving them to you. We assure you a trip to us will never disappoint you.